Goals for my blog

Here is my assignment for this week-: 1.Publish blog posts twice in a week hereafter and stick to the commitment 2. I have thirty posts on my blog right now. I want to reach 50 travel blog posts by the end of July which is exclusive of the posts that are assigned as a part... Continue Reading →


Is the world vegetarian friendly ?

I have not traveled much internationally to judge that. Talking with respect to my travel experiences the struggle I have had to find good vegetarian food in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and within India in the state of Orissa was like hunting for my lost earring while scuba diving in the Atlantic ocean. I am... Continue Reading →

The grand deception

Hey everyone! Just like you guys are addicted to coffee, alcohol, chocolates or cigarettes, I am so addicted to writing blogs these days, it gives me so much more pleasant than what I actually have to do. I really wish travel blogging was my full-time job but sadly the world is not a wish-granting factory. Just as... Continue Reading →

A South Indian food Sojourn

Hey guys !My vacation from the school Miss Talking Feet is officially over and I had to extend my vacation for certain personal reasons. I am a college student who lives in a hostel which sometimes serves inedible food.My university has restaurants from every part of the world except South Indian.I mean isnt this a... Continue Reading →

One woman adventure 1:Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of my first season of one-woman adventure series.Today was my second and last day at the Jal Mahotsav carnival.I was woken up at about 6 am for my morning tea, yes I managed to sleep only for about 45 minutes-1 hour.         I spent about an hour scrolling... Continue Reading →

One woman adventure 1 :Part 2

Hello guys!A happy new year and welcome to my first blog post of 2k18 ever. Welcome to part 2 of series 1 of the One Woman Adventure series.Hanuwantiya, the place where the Jal Mahotsav carnival was being held was a four-hour drive from Indore.Hanuwantiya is an area located in the small town of Mundi in Madhya... Continue Reading →

One woman adventure 1:Part 1

Prologue Hello everyone, you are now reading the first part of the one woman adventure series.Welcome to season 1 I can't call it a chapter because this ain't a book, I can't call it an episode either because this ain't a tv show so I am going to call this just 'part' because they haven't... Continue Reading →

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