Shoutout Saturday

  So on this week's shoutout Saturday I decided to do something different. I am being honest here, I do not seem to have too many newbie bloggers on my networks. Originally shoutout Saturday was intended for newbie bloggers to garner more readership to their bloggers. But, I have now expanded it. So, I thought... Continue Reading →


Self photography during travelling is injurious to health

Hey, welcome you all! I know you all must be super duper angry with this title. But this is something that we all including me do on vacations and that is totally okay, isn't it? It is thanks to the existence of social media which has pressurized all of us to take part in the... Continue Reading →

Shoutout Saturday

Hello everybody,welcome to my first edition of shoutout saturday. I requested for submissions on all my social media accounts(instagram,twitter,whatsapp and facebook).This initiative is for budding bloggers to gain recognition.I only recieved three submissions so far which indeed is an extremely disappointing number.I had said I would do shoutouts to five bloggers every month. I recieved... Continue Reading →

Goals for my blog

Here is my assignment for this week-: 1.Publish blog posts twice in a week hereafter and stick to the commitment 2. I have thirty posts on my blog right now. I want to reach 50 travel blog posts by the end of July which is exclusive of the posts that are assigned as a part... Continue Reading →

Is the world vegetarian friendly ?

I have not traveled much internationally to judge that. Talking with respect to my travel experiences the struggle I have had to find good vegetarian food in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and within India in the state of Orissa was like hunting for my lost earring while scuba diving in the Atlantic ocean. I am... Continue Reading →

The grand deception

Hey everyone! Just like you guys are addicted to coffee, alcohol, chocolates or cigarettes, I am so addicted to writing blogs these days, it¬†gives me so much more pleasant than what I actually have to do. I really wish travel blogging was my full-time job but sadly the world is not a wish-granting¬†factory. Just as... Continue Reading →

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