A series of unfortunate events before a fortunate travel

Let's take a break from my street photography challenge posts !Even I am bored of them now. I mentioned a travel  in my previous post.I went to Malaysia.I had a wonderful time there but the ending was tragic-I had to come back. But I had a horrendous 12 hours before my trip. Please read on to... Continue Reading →


Street Photography Challenge day 8:A journey without a destination

Hey guys !I know I am a week late with this post.My internet connection has been behaving like a person who just suffered from a severe case of alcohol poisoning.It keeps going on and off just like how the patient would go in and out of conscious.So,I'd better post before this thing becomes unconscious again.So,on... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award !Wohoo

Another award nomination ?I hope this isn't a dream.If it is I don't want to wake up from it. Anyway,I got nominated by Emma Myrick. She's another wonderful blogger. Do check out her amazing blog Teaspoon of nose and don't forget to subscribe to receive her posts. Thank you so much Emma for nominating me. I'm extremely honoured.... Continue Reading →

The Blue Sky Tag Challenge

  Guess what ?My blog got nominated for the blue sky tag challenge by Crisly Zerrudo.Her blog Empowering and Uplifting is indeed wonderful.What are you doing ?Go check it out and subscribe. Thank you so much for listing me as one of your 11 favourite bloggers, I am extremely overwhelmed and appreciative. As a part of this... Continue Reading →

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