What’s better than selling your passion ?

Hey fellow eartheans !My two month long vacation from Miss Talking feet has finally ended and I m back to work,read on to know what motivated me. I am still a kid who's yet to master even the level 1 tasks of adulting plus studying makes me really tired and I have become a human... Continue Reading →


Moving cities in my country is like moving countries 

Hey guys !I know I have been MIA for two weeks.I just moved to a new city-New Delhi.This is the capital city of India. When I travel abroad people seem to only know of two cities in India-Mumbai and Delhi.So when I tell people I m from India they ask-Are you from Mumbai or Delhi... Continue Reading →


Being cheated doesn't give you a great feeling.It makes you feel like you're weak and foolish. But we get cleverer with being cheated and our foolhardiness improves. So my first day in Kuala Lumpur was amazing on the whole but there were two incidents which kept us awake that entire night. But ultimately we did... Continue Reading →


I have a maintained a record in getting a separated INDIVIDUALLY from the group of friends/cousins/parents/relatives/strangers during every trekking trip I have ever been to in my whole life. I got lost during my recent trip to Malaysia too but this time it wasn't during a trek. I got wander lost due to the LUST... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award !Wohoo

Another award nomination ?I hope this isn't a dream.If it is I don't want to wake up from it. Anyway,I got nominated by Emma Myrick. She's another wonderful blogger. Do check out her amazing blog Teaspoon of nose and don't forget to subscribe to receive her posts. Thank you so much Emma for nominating me. I'm extremely honoured.... Continue Reading →

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